Back to School

That time of year has rolled around again.  Yes, it’s the new school year.

Ouch, stop cheering – you’ll make my ears bleed!

Parents are skipping for joy (or will be by the end of next week!) But how many teachers and children are happy about it, do you think?

My own is lucky (!) – she’s not back until next Monday and isn’t really looking forward to it.  She has made the most of the holidays by laying in bed until midday (whilst I work my socks off), then watching as many films as she possibly can, eating chocolate and slobbing on the sofa. (Jealous? Moi?).

School uniform is mostly purchased.  Finding trousers took a while – too wide-legged, too slim-fitting, too ‘schoolish’ – but we got there in the end.

And then we went for shoes.  Ah, school shoes.  The bane of my life.  My heart sinks at the thought of it every year – and all the times in between when the ones she decided on fall apart.

We must have been in every shoe shop in the locality, tried on every pair in each shop, annoyed all the sales staff in the process and she still hasn’t found a pair she’ll deign to wear.

This Saturday I am taking her to one more shop.  If she doesn’t find any then, it’ll be too late.  And we’ll have had a little falling out.

Truth – I actually love the camaraderie of traipsing around watching her trying on pairs that are totally impractical or totally ‘dorky’ (her words).

And by God I will miss it when she’s too cool to go out with her mum.

How have you got on?

Grab yourself a copy of The Seelie Princess and cheer them up when they get home – or at least, keep them quiet!                                                                                DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL SP

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