18th Birthday Gifts

The-Giraffe-Women-of-the-Neck-Rings-2Imagine the scene: your daughter’s 18th birthday is fast approaching.  Excitement fills the air.  All year you worry about what to buy for a suitable present – something that says, ‘Hey, my precious child, here is something ultra special just for you because I love you more than you will ever realise or understand.’

So, you rack your brains to come up with something that you think she’d like:

A new car?  Maybe, if you have the money to buy her one.

Jewellery?  This is a favourite for girls (along with anything with the word Swarovski in it) as the vast majority of girls/women love pretty things.

Note to men: women loving jewellery does not mean that you should buy her a gold chain every Christmas for six years running… yes, this happened to me and by the end I was a bit, (ungrateful cow that I can be) ‘Oooh, another chain – did I join the Ndebele?’ (See the pic.)

Perhaps you could gift your daughter a gap year holiday with her friends, or even, if desperate, simply ask her what she wants so that you’re sure that the gift she gets is gratefully received.

Whatever it is, I bet my bottom dollar that it wouldn’t be what one daft bint gave her daughter:  12 bags of cocaine so that she could ‘make sure she had a good time.’

Seriously?  I shudder to think what this household is like on a daily basis.  It’s reported that said daft bint has six, count them, six, previous convictions including one for possession of amphetamines, yet she escaped jail (nine months suspended sentence and 250 hours ‘onerous’ unpaid work – nope, no idea what that means either,) all because she cares for her 14-year-old son and, apparently, on occasion a young grandchild and an elderly grandmother.

Cares for?  Forgive me, but how is caring for children defined nowadays?  Is it possible to ‘care for’ any child when off your nut having a ‘good time’?

Look, we all know that drugs are prolific and that our kids are exposed to them probably far more than we know or care to know about.  But should they be on offer from the one person who is supposed to love and protect them?

Welcome to adulthood, kid.  Have some Charlie…

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