I’ve had a bit of a rough week for one reason or another:

Office closure of the current day job (bad), offer of another job (thank you, thank you, thank you,) (fab);

Missing cat (bad), found after two days after having been possibly locked in neighbour’s shed (good); having her stuck to me like glue, nudging my arm as I type?  Hmmn, I’m not entirely sure whether that’s good or bad!  It’s taken me twice as long to do this short blog…

And lastly, having to change the title of the second book in the trilogy (after I’d created a front cover for it) as I didn’t know that it has been used previously – to some acclaim apparently – ‘When Worlds Collide’ – Google it – I wish I had!

I’m now racking my brains for a new title… how does ‘Rise of the Dragons’ sound to you? Or ‘When Worlds Collide, Dragons Rise’…?  I suppose ‘Enter the Dragon’ is out of the question?!

Anyway, as a result my emotions have been all over the place and I’m way past tired going on cream crackered!

So it was rather lovely to get an email with this very nice review of The Seelie Princess:

I’ve received reviews before but those that pop up out of the blue are rather wonderful because they’re a validation of the hours put in to create something that you hope someone will like, not daring to believe that anyone will.

I thank you, my kind reviewer, you have made my week.

And to all of you that have posted reviews previously, you have my humble gratitude; your kind words give me the momentum to carry on writing.  The next book is very nearly ready.  Provided I can decide on its title…

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL SPYou can get your copy on Kindle (free on Kindle Unlimited) and in paperback here: The Seelie Princess

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