Rise of the Dragons

Rise of the Dragons 3.pub

Apologies if you think you’ve already seen this! For some reason Puff the Magic Dragon appeared and blew away my previous blog post!  All I can put it down to is stupidity.  (Mine, obviously!)

Never mind, it started with a rant about the stinking weather (I like a whinge about having to dig out the canoe to get anywhere) before I led into the main part, which is that I’ve been playing with the new book cover to Rise of the Dragons.  A version of it is above, but I’ve got someone ‘proper’ helping out now, so there’ll be a proper, proper version coming soon… (Keep up!)

Let me have your thoughts.

The book is due for release at the end of October (31st) and will be available for pre-order shortly.  I’ll keep you posted as to when.

Leave me feedback and I will select ten people at random to receive a free PDF copy…

In case you need to keep yourself up to date with what has happened previously, The Seelie Princess is still free on Kindle Unlimited.  It is also available in general on Kindle as well as in paperback.

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