Happily paying it back…

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Good morning everyone!

I hope you don’t mind, but I really want to share something with you all.  The beautiful book cover (shown above) is what I will be using for my second book in The Seelie Princess Trilogy and how it came to be is simply amazing.  Let me explain:

I am a member of a wonderful group on Facebook (The Dragons Rocketship) where members share their writing, ask for – and receive – opinions from the others and generally  find people who are willing to lend a  helping hand to those that need it.  In short, it is the most supportive group I have come across and I treasure my membership immensely.

I posted pictures of the cover I was trying to create for my second book.  They were (quite rightly) slated as although I love writing, artwork is not my forte!  Enter Roy Mauritsen.  I’ve had no interaction with this wonderful man before, yet he took time out to create the above for me and did so overnight.  He ‘got it’, sorted it out and cheerfully passed it back to me for use.

I cannot thank him enough, particularly as he expected exactly nothing from me in return for his help.  (How often does that happen?!) So, I checked out the link to his author website, Shards of the Glass Slipper. 

Wow!  Just wow!  The book (of the same name) sounds amazing and his artwork is award-winning.  Do yourself a favour, click the above link and check his work out.  I think you’ll be impressed.

One thought on “Happily paying it back…

  1. It’s a great group, full of truly wonderful people! I’m so glad someone managed to help you with your cover (it looks fantastic!) and I’ll be sure to check out his work!

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