Pre-orders for Rise of the Dragons


Hope you’re all well and looking forward to Halloween?

It’s happening! Rise of the Dragons is available for pre-order on Kindle with a release date of 31st October. The paperback version will be available on the same day and I’m quite excited about it, to say the least!

You may remember that in The Seelie Princess, (don’t read the rest of this paragraph if you’ve not read it yet as it gives a big clue to the ending…!) Clary escaped from the clutches of the terrifying Unseelie and fled to the safety of the Seelie Empire.

In Rise of the Dragons, the merciless Unseelie, enraged by her flight to freedom, go after her best friend, Sam, in a bid to lure her back to Earth.

Meanwhile, on Earth, all Sam wants is to find out if his best friend is alive. With the help of a couple of most unlikely allies, he has come up with a plan to enable him to both find Clary and keep out of the way of the evil ones.

Will the strange rock he picks up in their old teacher’s house be able to help him? Or will it unleash a force that could cause the deaths of thousands?

In Unseelie, only one person knows the truth: the dragons are not extinct…

12041428_10207299884482831_1220613901_o (1)

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