Christmas Gifts

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I’m excited to tell you that both books are out in time for Christmas (they’ll make great stocking fillers for your children, with the added bonus of giving you a bit of peace and quiet over the festive season, so that’s got to be worth a go!) and they are available here:

Rise of the Dragons:  Kindle,   and in paperback via Amazon .

The Seelie Princess:  Kindle,   and in paperback via Amazon .

You can also find them in Goodreads

Personally, I love to have a ‘proper’ physical book to hold and read, as well as enjoying the ability to do so on the Kindle. As you may have guessed, books are rather important to me!

I’m laying out the plot for the finale of this series and am currently working on a book for older teens – AKA young adults! – and it’s a totally different kind of story about a year in the life of a 14 year old girl and how she deals with the things that life throws at teenagers nowadays. It’s full of humour, (for one thing, her Nan puts a post on a social media site that goes viral and leads to an unexpected change for the girl) but also deals (sensitively) with more serious matters that a lot of families have to cope with. My readers (in this age group) are currently loving it and I’m being called on to hurry up and finish as they want to know what happens! Always a good sign for a book! I’ll post a snippet at some stage, so you can let me know what you think.

So, until next time, take a look at the books and, (if you want to,) grab a copy of them for your children.

Happy reading!

Speak soon,


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