Hello again!

I was interviewed about my books a short time ago and here it is. Ignoring the fact that my laptop camera is not what it should be, and ignoring the fact that I apparently pull some weird faces when I talk (who knew?) this was a fab interview.

Simon Rose, who is the man asking the questions, was exceedingly kind with me as I was somewhat nervous about this (a fact you will soon realise when you hear me mispronounce the name of my very favourite author – apologies to the offended!)

I have to say that I didn’t start to write with the aim of becoming ‘famous’. I did it simply because I love to write. I like the stories that are in my head, and by getting them down on paper, I hope that others may read and enjoy them too.

If you like the sound of the books and would like a copy, you can find them here:  The Seelie Princess and Rise of the Dragons on my Amazon page – available in paperback or Kindle (you don’t actually need a Kindle to be able to get a copy – Amazon will help you there!)