Nan Nose Best – opening snippet


January 2016


Last year my family caused a bit of a turmoil in the world.

We didn’t mean to – one thing led to another, which led to another, and now, a year on from the start of it all – well, let me just say that our lives are very different. When I look back on everything that happened, how we were living then compared to how we are living now, it feels completely unreal – like I’m thinking of some other family – yet it all happened. It really did! And if you’re on pretty much any social media site you’ll probably have heard of us and have your own opinions. Most people seem to, in my experience.

My name is Jade Greene (please, no egg throwing), and last year, the year I turned fifteen, was both the worst and the best year of my life.

So, if you’re interested in what really happened rather than relying on gossip and lies, read on.

Because this is my story and it’s taken from the very first diary I ever kept…

To be continued…

In which the past came back to bite me!

Many moons ago when I was young and (I like to think) comparatively gorgeous (!) I hung out with a group of people who, like me at the time, were single parents trying to rebuild something from the wreckage of our lives. The people in this group were not necessarily those whom any of us would have chosen as friends (there was more than one oddball) – but we were all in the same boat and struggling with the same issues  – a random bunch of people who on the whole got along and learned that there was, in fact, a fresh life awaiting all of us. We got together for days out with the kids – simple things like playing rounders in the park, barbeques, picnics and group holidays by the coast (they are cheaper to book when there are a lot of you!) Cheerful things that most of us could manage at a time when we were so low, we couldn’t manage much else. Some of the group built new relationships, others (like me), were grateful for the support that each of us had to offer. We were a compassionate bunch who had each other’s backs.

As the years passed, inevitably we all moved on to different stages of our lives, parted ways and, apart from exchanging Christmas cards, we lost touch. This is not a sad thing. Lives change, needs differ and the group, founded for that purpose, had done its job. I have fond memories of that time for which I will be forever grateful.

One of the men (who was one of those I exchange cards and the odd birthday text with) found me on Facebook a few months back and sent me a friends request, which (once I realised who he was) I accepted, not really thinking anything of it. He immediately began to add odd, slightly inappropriate comments to posts, which I didn’t want to respond to as they made me feel uncomfortable; not quite enough to ‘unfriend’ him, but enough to relegate him to my restricted list.

So imagine my glee last Saturday afternoon (Valentine’s weekend) when I answered a knock at my front door and found him on the doorstep bearing roses, wine and chocolates, very happy to have managed to successfully track me down…

Who travels, uninvited, for four and a half hours (on public transport no less) on the off-chance that someone would be in and happy to see them, after all those years? I made him a cup of coffee, told him it was inappropriate, and politely suggested he leave as I was going out. Luckily he went, but since then he has left me several messages (which I’ve ignored) suggesting that we go out for a drink, or a meal. What the hell is he thinking?

And more to the point, is he likely to turn up again?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay, here’s an update on my search for my very own Valentine (i.e. a nice, normal guy roughly the same age as me, no hang-ups, definitely over his exes – not too much to ask is it?)

With hindsight maybe the dating website I recently joined wasn’t the best – but I had high hopes of NannasRUs*, I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

I’ll spare you the details of some of the messages but as an example I’ll let you know a few of my replies: 1) No, I really don’t want to view your tackle – I don’t like fishing, 2) No, unfortunately, I can’t come and collect you to take you for a stroll as Edinburgh is just a wee bit too far away from me, 3) Seriously? 4) Sorry, but 83 is just a little bit older than I am looking for, even though I am positive you are lovely; and 5) No. Just no. <- After that one, I stopped bothering to read any more.

So I took my profile down. Actually, I tried to take my profile down. Do you think it’s that easy? No – six pages, yes, six pages of ‘are you sure you want to do this’ and ‘this is what you’ll be missing’ (inserted pictures of love gods and hunky male models that have absolutely no bearing on the people who are actually trolling this particular site)  later and my bloody profile will remain until March (I paid for one month’s subscription – and I’m smacking my own head – stupid, stupid, stupid!) They won’t even let me take down my photo unless I replace it with another first – after some of the messages I think they’d be happy if I post one of a sheep. Hmmn… lightbulb moment!

Back to the writing – my imagination is way better off there, obviously! I’ve finally finished my newest book and it’s gone out to beta readers for feedback. My fingernails are now up to my elbows. It’s different from the first two in that it’s a completely different genre and is aimed at teens and above as it covers certain issues that children are better off not knowing about (at least until they get to high school where it’s taught to them!) Nothing heavy, and it’s written (I hope) in a way that will go over the heads of the innocent, but may touch a nerve with others. Adults will see the humour as it’s written from the perspective of a 14/15 year old that doesn’t always quite get things right.

I like this one very much. If you’d like to know more about when it will be released, I’ll put the links on here at the relevant time. Or you can find me on Facebook or on Twitter and in the meantime, if you feel like letting your younger children enjoy a good fantasy novel, this is my Amazon USA page/Amazon UK page. Both books can be borrowed to read free on Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy and let me know what you think of them if you do take the plunge and read them!

’til next time!


PS *NannasRUs is a fictional name. I am not entirely stupid!! (Raises eyebrows!)