The final book of The Seelie Princess Trilogy, The Seelie Queen, coming soon!

The Seelie Queen bookcover

Hi folks!

I am excited to announce that the final part of my trilogy, The Seelie Queen, will be coming soon, so let your children know!

Keep your eyes peeled for the chance to win a free copy before it’s released to everyone (I’ll post details of how you can do this on here, closer to the time!)

You can grab copies of the first two books here so that you’re up to date with the storyline:  UK  USA   UK   USA

Happy reading!


Sulphuric acid (and other mistakes)


A member of my family (who shall remain anonymous but is famously known for being a tad on the clumsy side) told me something that had me in stitches yesterday. I really shouldn’t have laughed, but it was the way the story was told and the visions I had in my head. Judge for yourselves…

In science yesterday, this person was doing an experiment involving sulphuric acid and iron filings. They (and a fellow student) had already been told off for drinking water from drinks bottles before the lesson began. They were asked to put them on the floor, but instead put them on the windowsill, out of the way. Strike one.

Later, they had to carry a beaker and a glass vial holding sulphuric acid. As they walked to put it on the bench, a neighbouring student pulled out their chair, making my family member stumble. Desperate not to drop the acid , they ended up slamming both the beaker and vial on to the table top in an attempt to save this from happening. Sadly, both smashed and they were left holding glass tops as acid splashed all over the top and onto the floor. Panic ensued and they then managed to knock over the iron filings which reacted with the sulphuric acid on the floor… Strike two.

The class teacher rushed over and attempted, bare-handed (idiot!) to gather up the glass and obviously managed to cut herself in the process, so blood was also added into the equation. (No stitches required, thankfully.)

Now, my family member is not good with blood. Very not good. They gagged. (At least this time they didn’t pass out, so I’m grateful for small mercies.)  The class fell silent when the teacher started to scream some rather unpleasant things at my family member who was still gagging at the sight of the blood because the teacher was waving her dripping hand all over the place.

Now, up until this point, I was laughing – I could envisage it happening – the horror on the face of my family member and the wide-eyes of the students in the class. Then the teacher spotted the water bottle on the sill and she went ballistic… Strike three. One family member outside of the classroom for ten minutes for the first time ever, and the threat of having their prefect application stopped.

This is where it stopped being funny. It was an accident. Believe me when I say that this person would do anything to keep out of the sight of teaching staff and is really not the kind to mess about or do stupid things with dangerous chemicals. Reports have said year on year that this person is a credit to themselves and the school and teachers always comment on what a pleasure they are to teach – a fact that makes me smile and be grateful every year (and yes, they do have friends and a social life before you ask – a damn sight better one than I do!).

I’m the first to support teachers (considering I teach English, Maths and ICT and have dealt with my fair share of students who don’t really want to be doing any of them, I can’t very well not do so, can I?) and if this family member was known for being a pain in the xxx I’d be completely on the side of the staff.  But I can’t help but think that this teacher reacted so spitefully because they hurt themselves through their own stupidity and took it out on someone they shouldn’t have… What do you think?

(However, I’m still sniggering over the mental picture I have of the entire unfortunate incident – warped sense of humour, obviously.)


Days Out and Celebrations

We did go to the cinema and I was right – I got sucked in to see Zootropolis (Disney’s latest offering, in case you aren’t familiar with it.) As I hadn’t booked seats, we got plonked one row back from the front of house which meant that we could only feasibly watch approximately one third of the film. The lower third. God alone knows what was going on at the top of the screen, but short of actually lying down, I wasn’t going to risk a broken neck trying to view it. It sounded good though…

We also hit the shops for our usual round of: Daughter:’That’s not too bad, why don’t you try it?’ Me: ‘Are you being serious?!’ (followed by eye rolls (me) and humpy silence (her).) Today we were both gobsmacked by the fact that there were clothes that were wearable! By normal people! Nice clothes! Clothes that didn’t make me look like mutton dressed as lamb (think 1660)! Clothes that – dare I whisper it – fitted! And best of all (I will whisper this one) comparatively cheap clothes! I won’t tell you exactly what we came home with, but let’s just say that my work attire is replenished, as are my shoes… and, um, handbags. My daughter didn’t do too badly, either! I was so chuffed I came home and mowed the lawn because it was (drum roll please) still sunny!

Last, and by no means least, Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter! Where the hell have those years gone? If I’m now going backwards, to make it legitimate, you’re going to have to do the same… (Love you sweetheart!)

Publishing (Eek!)

Hi all!

I hope you had a fantastic Easter break? I’m still on holiday at the moment and have been busy creating an office environment for myself and am now looking forward to simply relaxing for the remainder of this week. By relaxing, I obviously mean rushing around like a lunatic! We’ll be taking a trip to the zoo, tidying up the garden, window shopping at the local shopping centre (oh look – a shoe shop – say no more!), and we’ll also probably go to the cinema. This will involve a loooong discussion over what we will see… and I’ll probably end up viewing the latest movie for kids…

The office is for the new job I start next week (yes, I know I write books, but like most authors, I also need a day job to actually pay the bills. There’s a reason why people are called ‘starving artists’!) It’s a new challenge for me – I’ll be tutoring in English, Maths and ICT rather than delivering childcare qualifications – and I’m looking forward to it, very much. So keep everything crossed for me!

Talking of keeping things crossed, I decided I may submit Nan Nose Best to an agent on the off-chance that they will like it enough to represent me. I’m also looking at submitting direct to publishers that accept submissions – I’m aiming high! Why not?! Feedback from those who have read Nan Nose Best has been good, so I’ve taken the leap!

I’m promoting ‘Rise of the Dragons’ at the moment, too. If you’re in the UK, then clicking on those words will take you to where you need to be, if you’d like a copy. It’s free on KU or you can borrow it.

If you’re in the USA, then this link will take you to the correct place to let you buy/borrow a copy!

As a final thing, a good friend of mine is promoting workshops that help people deal with stress management. He has one taking place this week, and if you would like to go, follow the link. Don’t be put off by the price as he has arranged for a 25% discount if you book through me. Simply quote VIP25 and mention my name. The speakers are fantastic, and for anyone who suffers from stress, the workshop will be invaluable. Here’s the link: Switch on and off your mind If you go, I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you thought!

Until next time!