Publishing (Eek!)

Hi all!

I hope you had a fantastic Easter break? I’m still on holiday at the moment and have been busy creating an office environment for myself and am now looking forward to simply relaxing for the remainder of this week. By relaxing, I obviously mean rushing around like a lunatic! We’ll be taking a trip to the zoo, tidying up the garden, window shopping at the local shopping centre (oh look – a shoe shop – say no more!), and we’ll also probably go to the cinema. This will involve a loooong discussion over what we will see… and I’ll probably end up viewing the latest movie for kids…

The office is for the new job I start next week (yes, I know I write books, but like most authors, I also need a day job to actually pay the bills. There’s a reason why people are called ‘starving artists’!) It’s a new challenge for me – I’ll be tutoring in English, Maths and ICT rather than delivering childcare qualifications – and I’m looking forward to it, very much. So keep everything crossed for me!

Talking of keeping things crossed, I decided I may submit Nan Nose Best to an agent on the off-chance that they will like it enough to represent me. I’m also looking at submitting direct to publishers that accept submissions – I’m aiming high! Why not?! Feedback from those who have read Nan Nose Best has been good, so I’ve taken the leap!

I’m promoting ‘Rise of the Dragons’ at the moment, too. If you’re in the UK, then clicking on those words will take you to where you need to be, if you’d like a copy. It’s free on KU or you can borrow it.

If you’re in the USA, then this link will take you to the correct place to let you buy/borrow a copy!

As a final thing, a good friend of mine is promoting workshops that help people deal with stress management. He has one taking place this week, and if you would like to go, follow the link. Don’t be put off by the price as he has arranged for a 25% discount if you book through me. Simply quote VIP25 and mention my name. The speakers are fantastic, and for anyone who suffers from stress, the workshop will be invaluable. Here’s the link: Switch on and off your mind If you go, I hope you enjoy it, and let me know what you thought!

Until next time!



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