Days Out and Celebrations

We did go to the cinema and I was right – I got sucked in to see Zootropolis (Disney’s latest offering, in case you aren’t familiar with it.) As I hadn’t booked seats, we got plonked one row back from the front of house which meant that we could only feasibly watch approximately one third of the film. The lower third. God alone knows what was going on at the top of the screen, but short of actually lying down, I wasn’t going to risk a broken neck trying to view it. It sounded good though…

We also hit the shops for our usual round of: Daughter:’That’s not too bad, why don’t you try it?’ Me: ‘Are you being serious?!’ (followed by eye rolls (me) and humpy silence (her).) Today we were both gobsmacked by the fact that there were clothes that were wearable! By normal people! Nice clothes! Clothes that didn’t make me look like mutton dressed as lamb (think 1660)! Clothes that – dare I whisper it – fitted! And best of all (I will whisper this one) comparatively cheap clothes! I won’t tell you exactly what we came home with, but let’s just say that my work attire is replenished, as are my shoes… and, um, handbags. My daughter didn’t do too badly, either! I was so chuffed I came home and mowed the lawn because it was (drum roll please) still sunny!

Last, and by no means least, Happy Birthday to my eldest daughter! Where the hell have those years gone? If I’m now going backwards, to make it legitimate, you’re going to have to do the same… (Love you sweetheart!)

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