Release Day!

It’s here! Release Day! I’ve had my first review and it’s rather lovely (check it out here: ) so I’m happy!

Releasing a new book is always more than a bit frightening – will people like it?

Make your own mind up, as it’s available in a multitude of places:




Barnes & Noble:

I hope you enjoy it!

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Paperback Writer!

Paperback photo I had a package arrive today! Ta da! Yes, you’ve guessed it (!) – the paperback proof editions of Nan Nose Best came and I am so pleased with them!

Release day for the book is 25th June and will be available in a variety of places which I’ll list on here on the day.

Here’s the blurb:  “14-year-old Jade Greene lives on a run down council estate with her workshy, thieving Dad, workaholic Mum and diabetic sister, Chrissie. Oh, and her Nan may as well live there too, seeing that she is never in the old people’s paradise of a flat she has around the corner.

When Gloria Greene writes an innocent post on her granddaughter’s social media page, no-one expects the attention it attracts, least of all Jade.

Enter a billionaire, a famous football team, a TV crew and a best friend (who isn’t very friendly).

Mix it up with first love, old love and the patter of tiny feet and Jade just has to hope that it’s true that Nan Nose Best.”

If you’d like to pre-order a copy from Amazon (for your kindle), then please follow one of these links:



I’ll post where you can get your hands on the paperback version on the 25th, too.

I hope you love it as much as I loved writing it. Let me know what you think!


The good, the bad and the downright ugly!

Hello from the heart of England where it is either way too hot or piddling down!

I hope you are all finding time to relax in the heat? Perhaps with a good book to read? Which reminds me: Nan Nose Best is up for release on 25th June and here’s a sneaky cover reveal for you:

NNB Paperback Kindle

Let me know what you think and you can pre-order it here:

^That was the good!^ Now for the bad:

Aside from writing, I am now considering a total career change – I’m a bit fed up with promises made by companies that don’t live up to reality. Let me explain: part of my role is to go out and observe students at work to assess their ability. I live in Essex, which is quite a large area to cover. I am willing to travel around Essex and cover most of Suffolk. What I am not prepared to do is travel around the M25 (that’s London bound for those of you who don’t know) simply because the road is an absolute nightmare – horrendous traffic (it’s more like a car park than a motorway) and toll fees – and it takes me an hour to get to it.

I’ve recently been taken on to do a work from home role, covering the Essex area. The role states that I visit students one day a week and deliver lessons the rest of the time (via Skype), and it is to be my choice which day I do my visits. The key words here are ‘Essex’ and ‘my choice’.

At interview I was straight in my requirements – I would not have considered the job unless it was going to work for me as well as for the company – why waste everybody’s time? I was guaranteed that I would work in Essex and that I would be free to choose my ‘visit’ days.

So why, less than one week into the role, have I been told that a) I have to cover Kent, and b) the day I am required to do it? Aside from the fact that Kent is only accessible to me via the M25 and the Dartford crossing, the day they have told me I have to go is my daughter’s birthday, and as I am expecting deliveries for her I need to be home to take them in. Not only that, but there is an extreme likelihood that if I go I won’t be back in time for her to get out of school – meaning I can’t get the banners up, or sort out balloons and other bits and pieces I like to do on her special day. And no, the company doesn’t care about any of that – I’ve been told I have to do it as, get this, they don’t have many students in Essex yet…

Sadly, this happens more often than not in the world of adult education – you go for an interview, are promised the terms of employment you need, and then it changes: 25 mile driving radius? In your dreams!  Straight case load of 36 students? Ha, ha, ha – try 50 or 55 (and, recently, 133 – no kidding!) and how can anyone do their job properly? Ask any apprentice how many tutors they’ve had, and I bet you it’s at least two, (if not more) and this is why. Stress levels skyrocket in this role.

Why do companies do this? I know that if this company had told me that they would be sending me outside of Essex I would have said thank you, but no thank you, and stayed in my old role. So now what the hell do I do? I am employed in a role that is not what I signed up for, but I need the income. I am also not prepared to let my child down on her one special day a year.

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place 😦

(^And that was the ugly!^)