The good, the bad and the downright ugly!

Hello from the heart of England where it is either way too hot or piddling down!

I hope you are all finding time to relax in the heat? Perhaps with a good book to read? Which reminds me: Nan Nose Best is up for release on 25th June and here’s a sneaky cover reveal for you:

NNB Paperback Kindle

Let me know what you think and you can pre-order it here:

^That was the good!^ Now for the bad:

Aside from writing, I am now considering a total career change – I’m a bit fed up with promises made by companies that don’t live up to reality. Let me explain: part of my role is to go out and observe students at work to assess their ability. I live in Essex, which is quite a large area to cover. I am willing to travel around Essex and cover most of Suffolk. What I am not prepared to do is travel around the M25 (that’s London bound for those of you who don’t know) simply because the road is an absolute nightmare – horrendous traffic (it’s more like a car park than a motorway) and toll fees – and it takes me an hour to get to it.

I’ve recently been taken on to do a work from home role, covering the Essex area. The role states that I visit students one day a week and deliver lessons the rest of the time (via Skype), and it is to be my choice which day I do my visits. The key words here are ‘Essex’ and ‘my choice’.

At interview I was straight in my requirements – I would not have considered the job unless it was going to work for me as well as for the company – why waste everybody’s time? I was guaranteed that I would work in Essex and that I would be free to choose my ‘visit’ days.

So why, less than one week into the role, have I been told that a) I have to cover Kent, and b) the day I am required to do it? Aside from the fact that Kent is only accessible to me via the M25 and the Dartford crossing, the day they have told me I have to go is my daughter’s birthday, and as I am expecting deliveries for her I need to be home to take them in. Not only that, but there is an extreme likelihood that if I go I won’t be back in time for her to get out of school – meaning I can’t get the banners up, or sort out balloons and other bits and pieces I like to do on her special day. And no, the company doesn’t care about any of that – I’ve been told I have to do it as, get this, they don’t have many students in Essex yet…

Sadly, this happens more often than not in the world of adult education – you go for an interview, are promised the terms of employment you need, and then it changes: 25 mile driving radius? In your dreams!  Straight case load of 36 students? Ha, ha, ha – try 50 or 55 (and, recently, 133 – no kidding!) and how can anyone do their job properly? Ask any apprentice how many tutors they’ve had, and I bet you it’s at least two, (if not more) and this is why. Stress levels skyrocket in this role.

Why do companies do this? I know that if this company had told me that they would be sending me outside of Essex I would have said thank you, but no thank you, and stayed in my old role. So now what the hell do I do? I am employed in a role that is not what I signed up for, but I need the income. I am also not prepared to let my child down on her one special day a year.

Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place 😦

(^And that was the ugly!^)

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