A Bad Judge of Character

For those of you who are interested, the dating site thing didn’t exactly work out as I imagined (not helped by the fact that since I joined there’s been non-stop news reports about the dangers of internet dating – and now I can see why!) I can’t believe the amount of men that join these sites who are married/involved and looking for ‘extra curricula activities’! I bypassed those, (once I’d sussed out the language they all unwittingly use.)

I’m obviously a bad judge of character: I spoke on the phone to one guy twice. He was quite a lot older than me (which I had reservations about) and he was genuinely single (you’ll see why in a second). In writing he seemed both nice and normal, which was why I swapped numbers with him despite the age difference. He spoke with a slight lisp and in both conversations he brought up that he ‘suffered from surges’. As our entire first conversation had revolved around his ailments (oh, the glamour!), I thought it was possibly a euphemism for prostate troubles, so I let it pass. But when he repeated it during the second conversation a couple of days later (when I intended to let him down gently), he qualified it by saying that so far nobody had been prepared to satisfy him.

I was a bit intrigued as I had no clue what he was talking about. I mean, was this guy looking for a carer? I had visions of him expecting me to help him to the loo until he added that ‘it was all still in working order’ and it dawned on me that he hadn’t said surges, he’d said urges

Well, I did tell you you’d see why he was genuinely single.

I removed my profile.

If you’ve found yourself single at a certain age, how have you dealt with trying to meet new people? I’m not necessarily talking about for dating, just to make new friends and try to rebuild your social life? Do let me know before I stagnate!