Nonsensical rhymes


Having been around children a fair amount over the past couple of weeks, the sound of their laughter over what adults consider to be ‘silly’ brought back memories of my own childhood. In particular, a daft verse that my mother used to semi-sing to us. I have no idea who to attribute it to (so if you know, please do tell), and I’ve probably missed a large chunk of it out, but as it still makes me grin I thought I’d share it:

‘I went to the pictures tomorrow, and got a front seat at the back. I fell from the pit to the gallery, and broke a front bone in my back. I went round a straight, crooked corner, to see a dead donkey die. I pulled out my pistol to stab him – and he kicked me one in the eye.’

Warped sense of humour in my household, obviously!

P.S. No donkeys were harmed in the writing of this little ditty.

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