The Seelie Queen

Coming soon: The Seelie Queen – the exciting finale of The Seelie Princess trilogy!
Having been tricked by Anges De’Ath into allowing the Unseelie back into his peaceful land, the King and the rest of Clary’s family are long gone. The land lies in ruins, its subjects ruled by fear, and Clary and her friend, Sam, live their lives in hiding.
Now teenagers, living in such close proximity is beginning to cause problems for them both. So when Sam, protesting against Clary’s safeguarding rules,¬†allows his pet dragon to fly outside of their safety zone, he unleashes a chain of events that he did not intend.

Can Clary save her best friend, and in doing so, can she save Seelie itself?


A Cheeky Look at Christmas!

A cheeky look at Christmas from a turkey’s point of view –¬†released today!

Just a little something to amuse the children (and, possibly, you) before you tuck in to dinner on the day itself…

It’s available on Amazon now:




The first 20 people who ask will receive a FREE PDF to share with their children. (These offers go fast, so get in quickly!)

Early Christmas Presents!


I’ve been working on setting up my proofreading/editing business and you can see the beginnings of this here (if you fancy taking a look!):

I’ve also written a seasonal rhyming tale for children – The Christmas Turkey – and (as you’ve probably guessed) it’s a humorous look at Christmas from a slightly different point of view! It’ll be up on Amazon before the end of the week, but in the meantime, if you’d like a free PDF so you can share it with your kids on your laptop/computer/iPad (or whatever), contact me via this site and let me know! The first twenty people who do will get a copy! Call it an early Christmas present!


Oh, and The Seelie Queen will be ready by the end of the month, so you can treat yourselves to the final story in The Seelie Princess trilogy as well!

Jill x