Writing in English

As a member of several writer groups on different forums, a question that often comes up is how do people who are not native English speakers write for the English-speaking community? This is a hard question to answer particularly as anyone who writes in a language that is foreign to them has my complete admiration.

The problem is that when a native English speaker has a face-to-face conversation with someone who has English as a second language, each makes themselves understood by far more than the spoken word. Facial expression, gesticulation and body language assist in our understanding of what is meant and enables each to understand the other.

I tend to stay out of these forum conversations purely because the only advice I can offer with any sincerity is that they take an English creative writing course. I have seen others comment to this effect – and have also seen them shot down in flames. The main reasons for this appear to be either cost issues or because nobody likes to admit that they may need a lot of help to understand the nuances of the English language.

Now I understand that courses cost money and I also understand that these people may have a fantastic story rolling around in their heads, but I also categorically know that not learning the ropes will result in an unread book/story.

So, harsh as it may seem, my advice would be that they write their book in their native language and promote it accordingly. They could very well have the next best-seller on their hands and, if that is the case, it will probably be translated for them!

Moving on to other things – as you know ‘The Seelie Princess Trilogy’ is now complete. As you also know, I was somewhat upset by Clary and Sam’s story reaching its natural conclusion – I felt like I had lost two dear friends. Thanks, however, to several fans who have asked me whether the Whisps ever called on Clary to pay back her father’s debt to them, I now have my next Seelie story to write. I don’t know exactly what it will be titled as yet, but ‘A Whisp of a Problem’ is bringing a smile to my face…

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