New Year/New Beginnings!

As the title may suggest, I have been somewhat busy lately which means that I have not posted on here as often as usual. (If you’re cheering, please don’t tell me!)

Apart from the day job, I have now been accepted as a proofreader for my local University, which ties in with the move I have made into proofreading and copy editing; is where you’ll find further information on this, if you’re interested.

I’ve also entered a short story into a competition which, if chosen, will win a place in a book alongside several other awesome authors. As there have been roughly a million other submissions I’m not holding my breath that it will make it in, particularly as the genre and guidelines are outside of what I normally write, but it was a fun thing to do. If you’re a writer, you’ll know that since submission I have thought of a hundred ways I could have improved it, and two versions (with different endings) are now resting in my files – and obviously I prefer the second, unsubmitted, version. Hey ho!

If it doesn’t make the grade, I’ll post it on here for you to take a gander at.

I’ve not had time to promote any of my books, but did see a lovely review of the last book in The Seelie Princess Trilogy, which was wonderful and reminded me that I need to put out my own reviews of books I have been reading (as I lay in bed trying to switch off from the day). Which reminds me that I must find the lead to charge the Kindle! I’m most of the way through a book on there that I really want to review, because it’s good!

Hope your year is starting out well for you, too. Why not let me know what you’re up to? I like to hear from you.

‘Til next time, take care all!


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