Furry friends

There’s a new addition to the Turner household – a tiny, furry, 10-week-old fiend of a Cavapoo – with (sadly) poo being the operative word at present. He’d been wormed the night before we collected him and the wormer didn’t agree with him. Not one little bit! Cue a very runny botty, blood-stained poop and a trip to the vets on his first day with us.

We were advised to give him bland food; chicken, rice, scrambled eggs, and pasta, to try to settle him down and it’s definitely helping – but he’s still showing signs of blood in it (we collected him on Thursday). We’re hoping it’s just because his tummy was so upset and it isn’t worrying him as his personality is shining through and he’s not acting ill in the slightest. (At the moment he’s running around having gleefully nicked a sheet of newspaper!)

I have to say I never thought having a new puppy would involve warm water, cotton wool and me wiping clean a tiny bum while my teenager gags and holds him!

Apart from that, he’s a bundle of fun – chewing everything he can get his gums around (and he has a penchant for my toes…) – why is it that a pup can have bundles of new toys to play with, yet prefer the bottom of a dressing gown, slippers and feet? He bounces about all over the place, inevitably with one of our slippers or shoes in his mouth, running so fast he trips and does a roly-poly then gazes up at us in surprise.

Yep, it’s love!


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