A Watched Pot Never Boils

This proverb strikes a chord with me and, no doubt, with many of you, too (even if it is a slightly daft saying – I mean, come on, unless you forget to switch on the heat beneath it, if you watch it long enough it will boil).

How many of you have had an idea for writing a book, or starting a small business? Did you worry it around in your mind, plan, scrap that plan and re-think, plan again, and finally, finally, try dipping a toe in foreign waters?

Was the result what you imagined?

Did fame and/or fortune come knocking at your door?

Were you an instant runaway success?

Me neither!


I guess the meaning is that to build up anything worthwhile takes time and you can’t sit and wait for it to magically happen.


*Where’s my magic wand?*

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