Book information and snippets

Snippet from the second book of The Seelie Princess Trilogy – Rise of the Dragons.  Enjoy!

“You know I have a death warrant out for you, don’t you?” Mathoc told Anges conversationally over a meal of roasted lamb a few days after his rescue.  He was propped up against the side wall of the cavern, wrapped up in a warm fleece that he had not asked how she had come by.  He held the bones of a chop in his one remaining good hand and worried at bits of meat stuck between his teeth with his tongue.

“Hmmn,” Anges replied unconcernedly, pulling off a strip of the delicious smelling meat and popping it into her mouth.  As she chewed an expression of bliss crossed her face.

“You don’t seem particularly bothered by that.  Don’t let the fact that I am… presently unwell… fool you,” he continued, slightly fazed by her lack of nerves.  Everyone else in the entire Unseelie realm was scared of him, yet she simply sat eating her roasted meat and drinking fruit juices as though he were nothing to be frightened of.

“Should I be?” Anges finally cast a scornful glance over his withered body.  “From what you were saying in your fever, nobody is taking much notice of you at all these days.”

“That was then.  This is now.  I am feeling a little better.  Soon all will be listening to me again…”

To Mathoc’s utter fury, Anges laughed.  She threw the bones from her plate into the fire that glowed in the centre of the cavern, causing the flames to rise and cast beautiful flickering shadows against the rock walls.  She wiped her hands on her dress and stood up.  Soon she towered above Mathoc who was unable yet to move himself.

“Is that all you can do?” she asked him quietly.  “Make threats against me when I have rescued you, tended to you, fed you, cleaned your… injuries, given you medicines to heal your wounds?”  She shook her head in disbelief.  “You, Sire, are an ungrateful idiot! Once I was scared of you, yes, but not anymore.  Now, I think you’ll find, I have the upper hand!”

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